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Existing Bye-Laws Dogs on Leads Areas
There are areas across Fylde that are designated under the Fylde Borough Council Byelaw Dogs on Leads prohibiting dog off leads and exclusion of dogs from certain areas. The act requires that no person shall, without reasonable excuse, permit a dog to enter or remain in the designated area unless the dog is held on a lead and is restrained from behaviour giving reasonable grounds for annoyance. These bye-laws can only be enforced through prosecution which could result in a fine up to £1,000 and the dog owner having a criminal record.

The following areas are covered under the Fylde Borough Council Byelaw Dogs on Leads
1. Lytham St Annes Nature Reserve
2. Promenade and Promenade Gardens between Fairhaven Road Carpark and North Promenade Carpark, St Annes
3. Land between South promenade and the sand dunes from Denford Avenue and Fairhaven Road Car park, t Annes
4. Land between North promenade carpark and the base of the sand dunes on the seawall side from North Promenade car park to Bentick Road St Annes
5. Fleetwood Road playing fields, Wesham
6. Larbreck Play Area, Elswick
7. Memorial park, Freckleton (excluding the rose gardens)
8. Staining Rise Play Area , Staining
9. Roseacre Road Play area, Elswick
10. Hope Street Recreation ground, St Annes
11. Fairhaven Marine Park, Fairhaven
12. Lowther Gardens, Lytham
13. Ashton Gardens, St Annes
14. Lytham Green, Lytham
15. Memorial Gardens, Kirkham
16. Playing fields near Derby House, Derby Road, Wesham
17. Meadow Park play area, Staining
18. All adopted highways in the borough