Weed Spraying Update

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Weed Control

Fylde Borough Council carries out weed spraying on behalf of Lancashire County Council along the public highway in residential areas, including kerb channels, foot ways and flagged areas.

Weed removal is now completed with a machine which looks like a tiny sweeper. Previously weeds were sprayed twice a year, which killed the weed turning it brown, but didn’t remove it. The new machine removes the weeds by pulling them out from the root. It is also hoped this will reduce future weed growth moving forward. The machine, known as a Nilsfisk, pulls the weeds out and these are then subsequently swept up.  This process does take longer than the previous spraying of the weeds, but the benefits are longer term.

As this machine is new we are aware that some people have been concerned that the sweeper is broken as it is leaving a trail, however we would like to reassure everyone that these are actually the weeds that have been removed showing how effective the machine is. The freshly pulled weeds are then cleared away by a sweeper the same day.

If you have any further questions please email us at listening@fylde.gov.uk

Weed removal programme 2017

Ward Completed
St Leonards 17 January 2017
Ashton 24 February 2017
Kilnhouse 6 March 2017
Heyhouses 27 March 2017
Central 3 April 2017
Kirkham North and South 3 May 2017
Kirkham North and Wesham 16 May 2017
Park 12 June 2017
Ansdell Currently being completed

Unfortunately, this year the weather has been perfect conditions and we have had exceptional weed growth. In order to tackle this and support the new method of working we have scheduled a supplementary spray of the weeds for the week commencing 17th July. Please note that this is weather permitting.