Street and Beach Cleaning

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Fylde Council are responsible for*:

Cleaning of:

  • Public highways, channels, footpaths and Council-owned car parks
  • Residential areas (normally swept monthly)
  • Town Centre streets and pedestrian areas (swept more frequently)
  • Beach areas - removal of litter, tide line debris and dead animals
  • Some Bus shelters 

Removal of:

  • Highway sand - Many highways require the removal of windblown sand
  • Hypodermic needles / syringes
  • Dog dirt (fouling)
  • Abandoned motor vehicles
  • Leaf and blossom fall
  • Graffiti (vandalism)
  • Fly tipping & fly posting
  • Highway obstructions such as dead animals, accidents, glass, oil spillages etc.
  • Dumped rubbish (fly tipping) from public highways and other adopted open spaces

Emptying of:

  • Litter Bins
  • Dog Bins
  • Other services:

Litter picking

  • Emergency service - 24-hour call-out emergency response service  (01253 642111)
  • To report dumped rubbish or litter telephone Fylde Direct (01253) 658658.

Please note that following Parish/Town Councils are responsible for their own street cleaning:

  • Elswick Parish Council
  • Little Eccleston-with-Larbreck Parish
  • Staining Parish Council
  • Medlar-with-Wesham Town Council
  • Newton-with-Clifton Parish Council
  • Weeton-with Preese Parish Council
  • Greenhalgh-with-Thistleton Parish Council

(unless indicated* please contact 01253 658 658 or email