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“Fylde Coast Be Involved” is a youth volunteering project targeting 14 to 25 year old young people who are living on the Fylde Coast). It is funded by the Big Lottery for 5 years and provides a part time youth worker for Fylde Young People. We support young people into fun, innovative and enjoyable volunteering roles as well as working with organisation to encourage more opportunities for young people in their communities.

• Pre-volunteering and personal development project for young people
• Supported volunteering in the volunteer placement for young people with specific needs
• Mentoring and Befriending for young people lacking in confidence as well as developing skills for home grown young people to become mentors and befrienders.
• Brokerage for young people who can access volunteering with limited or little support

The project enables young people to prepare to take up volunteering opportunities and makes volunteering more accessible to young people, offering support where required based on the individual need of the volunteer.

Young People are able to access accredited courses and training through an AQA pre volunteering course and the ASDAN Community Involvement and Volunteering Award, the Qualification in Community Volunteering and the Employability Award. As well as progression pathways towards ABC Youth Support qualifications and Mentor qualifications. All young people will be able to obtain their vfifty and vimpact Awards for volunteering offered by V, the National Youth Volunteering Charity.

When young people sign up to the project they are given the following:-
• One to one interview to assess individual needs
• An action plan design to meet their individual needs
• Skills self assessment
• Set achievable medium term goals that are realistic in relation to their current circumstances
• Recognition of their personal qualities and skills to begin to value themselves and realise their potential for engaging in new activities
• The opportunity to break the cycle of isolation and negative thought patterns. It is an important aim of the project to ensure participants view their first step towards thinking more positively and developing a pathway of their choice.
• For young people in further or higher education FCBI will be offering delivery sessions around changing the perception of volunteering and the benefits to their future progression, as part of their education pathway.

We can support group volunteer projects identified by young people such as drama, graffiti, gardening, fundraising, social, art and music which will be developed by young people for young people.

Want to Volunteer? In a project that interests you!!! Or start a project of your own in anything, be that sport, music, media, art, then contact fylde@urpotential.co.uk or 01253 292299 for more information.

Go to http://www.fyldecoastbeinvolved.co.uk  (external link) or Facebook www.facebook.com/fyldecoastbeinvolved (external link)