Blue Bag / White Sack / Brown Wheelie Bin Recycling Information

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  • Please make sure your blue bag / white sack / brown wheelie bin is ready for collection by 7:30am
  • The containers are collected on alternate weeks.
  • The grey bin will be collected one week and the green, blue and brown bins, or recycling box and bag will be collected the following week.
  • If you require an additional blue bag / white sack you will receive a blue blag instead of a white sack as we are currently running down stock in preparation for the boxes to bins scheme).
  • Missed collections must be reported by the end of the next working day and will be collected within 48 hours.
What can you put in your blue bag / white sack / brown wheelie bin?

Yes Please

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Cardboard Boxes and any cardboard packaging (including cardboard food boxes and toothpaste boxes) Any plastic packaging or bubble wrap
Newspapers and magazines Sticky labels
Shopping receipts Polystyrene
Office Paper Ribbons or felt material
Junk mail (no plastic wrapping please) Tetrapak
Envelopes (including window envelopes) Tissues
Yellow pages & telephone directories
Greetings cards

Cardboard kitchen & toilet roll tubes

Shredded paper
Wrapping paper

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