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Fairtrade in Fylde

Fylde has now been a Fairtrade borough since 2008.

We have been working hard to ensure that Fairtrade remains a high priority within the borough. Since the launch of Fylde as a Fairtrade Borough in June 2008, many activities have taken place across the area. The support for Fairtrade also continues to grow. To reflect this we have updated the Fairtrade Directory for Fylde and the new version can be downloaded.

To find out more about Fairtrade in Fylde, or get involved, contact the group on 01253 724644. For more details on the Fairtrade initiative, visit their website as found on the right-hand side of this page.

Fylde’s Fairtrade Fortnight 2011
Fylde’s Fairtrade steering group has been gearing up for this year’s Fairtrade Fortnight which runs from 28 February to 13 March.

The focus this year will be on both raising the awareness of Fairtrade and also celebrating local success. The Rev Glyn Eatock, chairman of the Fylde steering group, said: “As a borough, Fylde achieved Fairtrade status back in 2008.

“Residents continue to show their support for the movement by asking for Fairtrade products at their local shops and supermarkets. Without the help of the ordinary person in the street we would not be where we are today.

“Fairtrade goods can now be found in most shops across the borough with churches, schools, businesses and hotels continuing to add their support by stocking and serving Fairtrade products.”

Paul Rowley for Rowley’s outside catering, Lindum Hotel, said: “We have all recently seen the effects climate change is having around the world, therefore its more important than ever that we do everything we can by the way of Fairtrade to protect these developing countries and ensure their poorer producers receive a fair price for their produce.”

Paula Burdess, chaplain of St Bedes RC High School in Lytham, said: “The school continues to be committed to Fairtrade. The ‘School Fuel Tuck Shop’ is now open every break and lunchtime selling an inviting array of Fairtrade and healthy eating snacks.

“Every item purchased ensures that the producers in developing countries receive a fair deal for the work and goods produced. As a school we have just registered for Fairtrade School Status and hope to get accreditation before the end of the year.”

Fairtrade Fortnight 2012 - "A Fairtrade Celebration"
Representatives from the Fairtrade Foundation in London were bowled over by the response of Fylde residents attending the Fairtrade celebration at St Cuthbert’s Church Lytham on Friday 2nd March 2012 with a church so full it was bulging at the seams! The Foundation had arranged for Massatoma, a Malian cotton farmer, to come and speak to local people about how lives are being changed, for the better in the developing world, through the support provided by the purchase of Fairtrade goods. Massotoma gave a moving account about how his village now benefits from fresh water and a medical centre thanks to Fairtrade. Previously women who were having difficulties in a pregnancy needed to walk 25 kilometres for help, many not surviving the journey. This has now all changed thanks to Fairtrade.

The children from Fylde’s local schools received certificates from Massotoma for the logo competition. Teacher representatives from St Bede’s, St John’s, Mayfield, Heyhouses, Ribby with Wrea and Treales along with the winners and highly commended entrants were all acknowledged for the outstanding commitment they have shown to Fairtrading. The joint overall winners of the competition were Matthew Cooper and Harry Elson, from Mayfield School St Anne’s. Their entry has now been replicated on Fairtrade cotton bags which were also given away on the night.

Lytham’s own Gareth Malone, Graham Warrington, led over 300 people from the newly formed Lytham Community choir in their rendition of ‘Halleluiah’ and ‘I’ll be there’, both most fitting for such an occasion. This was the first time the choir had sung publicly since being set up in January. Those who heard the choir were delighted by the beautiful tenderness of the singing and the obvious enthusiasm of the choir members, who showed what true community participation is all about. Andrew Barnet accompanied the choir which is all part of the community engagement at Park View 4U.

The cubs and scouts, led by Rev Glyn Eatock, Chairman of the Fylde Fairtrade Steering Group, explained how to take the 5 steps to Fairtrading, with the evening culminating in the cutting of the celebration cake by the Deputy Mayor Cllr Kevin Eastham and Deputy Mayoress Mrs Eastham. The celebration cake and refreshments were provided by the ladies of St Margaret’s church.

Fairtrade 2013
The highlight of Fairtrade Fortnight was a celebration at St Margaret’s Church, St Annes, which included the first performance of the newly-formed Heyhouses Community Choir. There were presentations by young people and teachers from Heyhouses and Lytham Church of England Primary Schools, explaining how they were taking steps to support Fairtrade. Local shops and businesses made a real effort, with many major companies making special offers and highlighting the good work the Fairtrade movement has achieved.

Fairtrade 2014
The focus this year was on the bitter banana price battles between the UK’s biggest supermarkets which trap vulnerable farmers and workers in poverty. Fylde Fairtrade Steering Group supported the campaign for fair bananas by setting up a stall in St Anne’s town centre on a busy Saturday morning and inviting passers by to sign the nation-wide petition and enjoy a complimentary delicious banana.

A Fairtrade Tea Dance was organised at Lytham’s Lowther Pavilion during Fairtrade Fortnight. The event went down a storm when over 150 people danced away the afternoon to the music of Blackpool Tower’s organist, Chris Hopkins. Fairtrade coffee mornings were held at venues and churches throughout the year, culminating in a grand Christmas event organised jointly by five churches of different denominations from Lytham, Ansdell and St Annes.

Fairtrade 2015
Fairtrade Fortnight got off to a bang with a charity Spinathon organised by St Anne’s YMCA, with proceeds shared between Fylde Fairtrade and Fylde Sharks Disability Swimming Club. The following Saturday saw Dahlia’s Café, which is inside the YMCA, provide a day of delicious Fairtrade food - breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea.

Fylde Fairtrade is delighted to be joined as partners by Soroptimist International of the Fylde. They organised a Fairtrade Spring Fayre at their newly-installed Eco Pod which is in Lytham’s Park View 4U playing fields during the fortnight.

In March, LSA Technology & Performing Arts College held a Mother’s Day Shopping Evening. It was a fantastic opportunity for people to purchase Fairtrade gifts, crafts and Easter eggs. Next up, members of Lytham Youth Groups held a Fairtrade Fashion and Talent evening. Parents and friends enjoyed Fairtrade wine and canapés, which were served by the youngsters.

The Fairtrade team at Fairhaven United Reformed Church (better known as “The White Church”, “eggcelled” themselves by selling over 200 ‘Real Easter Eggs’. The discount from buying in bulk was re-invested to buy more so that 30 eggs were donated to Fylde Foodbank and 30 more to the Oak Tree Children’s Centre, St Annes.

Ever heard of Fairtrade footballs? Over 40 million footballs are sold world-wide each year. Most are made in Pakistan, and are laboriously hand-stitched in poor working conditions with low rates of pay. Glasgow company Bala Sport imports footballs made to Fairtrade standards which benefit the workers and communities that make them. Fairtrade sports balls now join the growing list of Fairtrade goods promoted by our group.

In May, Fylde Fairtrade was invited by local school, AKS, to join in their events marking ‘World Hunger Day’. A large Fairtrade stall was available throughout the week for students, staff and visitors, which included Fylde MP Mark Menzies. Each lunchtime students competed in a ‘Fairtrade keepy-uppy’ competition, to win a Bala Play football.

Fairtrade 2016
Lytham Business Partnership invited community groups, schools and businesses to take part in the Lytham Flag Festival in February. Workshops were held some weeks earlier for everyone to make and decorate their flags. Our own Fairtrade flag flew alongside all the others in the stiff breeze that we sometimes get here.

The theme for this years’ Fairtrade Fortnight was the ‘Big Breakfast’. The steering group and our community partners organised ten free ‘Big Breakfasts’ and a ‘Big Brew’. Over 375 people sat down for breakfast and stood up for farmers at seven local churches, two Guide, Brownie and Rainbow meetings, Fylde Foodbank and at the ‘Just Good Friends’ community group. Co-operative Food worked with steering group members to hold chocolate tasting sessions in their store – very popular!

Traidcraft stalls selling Fairtrade food, crafts and gifts have been taken to school fairs and community events, including the Soroptimist Spring Fair in the Eco Pod at Lytham’s Park View 4U. At Easter over 100 Fairtrade ‘Real Easter Eggs’ were sold and thirty donated to the Foodbank and local children’s centre.