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Eeze Environmental are a local company that offers a drain clearance service for the council. The details are as follows and includes procedure of dealing with requests for drain clearances

  • Payment of £120 inclusive of VAT taken in advance for call out and upto 1 hour work on site
  • Contractor commits to respond within 4 hours of receiving call
  • The contractor will make every effort to clear a blocked drain – taking up to 1 hour on site –included in price
  • If blockage is more difficult and takes longer then work will stop and resident notified that agreement will be made re additional charge with Fylde Borough Council Environmental Protection  before work resumes.
  • If drain is defective (broken, collapsed, etc...) then contractor will notify resident and will refer to Fylde Borough Council Environmental Protection .
  • Please contact 01253 658 658 if you would like to request this service.

Full Service Prices

  • Jetting of Drains £120.00
  • CCTV of Drains £120.00
  • Jetting and CCTV of Drains £235.00

If any of the above identify a defect within the drainage system, or the blockage cannot be cleared a charge will still be made.

All the above charges are inclusive of VAT

As a home-owner you may have a responsibility for the repair or maintenance of drainage pipework even if the problem is in your neighbours garden.

The information provided is intended to help clarify and explain the responsibilities BUT it cannot be taken as a definitive statement of the law surrounding this subject.

Who is Responsible?

When talking about underground drainage pipes there are three main terms that need to be explained. These descriptions will try to help you determine who is responsible for the repair and maintenance of any pipe.


A drain is a pipe that carries the waste water (foul or surface water) from just one property. This drain is the sole responsibility of the owner(s) of that property for its full length up to the point where the pipe either connects to another pipe from another property, or another pipe connects to it. At this point the drain becomes a sewer. There are two types of sewer:

Public Sewer

A public sewer is a pipe that is the responsibility of the Sewerage Undertaker for the area, in Fylde this is United Utilities. These pipes have been 'adopted' by United Utilities since they were laid or they are pipes which connect two or more properties to the public drainage system and the pipes were in use for this purpose before 1st October 1937.
Most public sewers run below the roadway, not below people's gardens. If you are unsure where you connect to a public sewer then United Utilities has records of the public sewers in this area. United Utilities can be contacted on 08456 020406

Private Sewers

A private sewer is any pipe which is taking waste water from more than one property, but which is not a public sewer. This sewer is the joint responsibility of each of those properties than drain into it. This responsibility continues up to the point where the private sewer (including the connection) joins a public sewer. This means that often, people are responsible for the repair and maintenance of drainage pipes that are beneath land owned by somebody else, such as a neighbour.

What can you do if you have a problem?

Usually most drainage problems are a simple, one-off blockage that once cleared will cause no further problems. Dependant upon the responsibility, the following courses of action are suggested:

Blocked Drain

If you have a blocked drain, which is the responsibility of the owner of the property, you may wish to try and unblock the drain yourself. A set of drain rods will usually be sufficient to clear the blockage, these can be hired from tool hire shops. If you decide to do this yourself you need to be careful that you do not damage the pipes in any way.
Alternatively, you may prefer to pay someone to do the works for you, you can find specialist firms in the yellow pages. However, this Council does not provide a drainage clearance service.

Blocked Private Sewer

The advice is the same for a blocked private sewer BUT the cost of the required work should be shared equally between all of the households that drain into the affected part of the sewer. (i.e. upstream of the problem)
If you are unsure then it may be possible for our officers to identify which properties are involved with the blockage.

If the Council does need to become involved in the unblocking of a private sewer, a notice will be served on all the responsible properties requiring the necessary work to be undertaken. This may be to simply unblock the sewer or to carry out necessary repair to the sewer. If the notice is not complied with, then the Council will arrange to have the work carried out in default of the Notice and the costs will be shared amongst those responsible. However, if the Council does carry out the work then the actual cost will be much higher as officer time, administration and a property charge will be added to the actual cost of repair.

Blocked Public Sewer

If the blocked pipe or problem is originating from a public sewer then contact United Utilities who will clear the blockage free of charge.

What if the problem recurs?

This may be due to unsuitable items being flushed into it, such as disposable nappies, sanitary towels or large amounts of grease. It is good practice not to put these items down the pipe.
Also it may be due to a defect in the pipe work such as a collapsed pipe, bad joint, tree roots growing in the pipe, etc... If this is the case it is likely that the affected area of pipe work may have to be dug up and re-laid. This can be expensive but may be covered by household insurance.

Road Gulleys

If a road gulley is blocked, then this is the responsibility of Lancashire County Council. They can be contacted on 0845 0530011.