Fylde In Bloom partnership wins big at North West awards!

The incredible hard work and dedication of Fylde’s staff and volunteers saw the borough receive almost 40 honours from the North West In Bloom Awards.

Last month’s larger Britain In Bloom awards saw Lytham win a Gold Medal, achieving Gold Standard in all four categories they were judged on.

Britain In Bloom began in 1963 and is the longest running gardening competition in the UK. As well as encouraging people to create striking floral displays, the competition aims to increase the number of people involved in gardening and horticulture and educate people around sustainability and the environment.

Judges award points based on a strict criteria, which is weighted between floral displays (50 per cent), community engagement (25 per cent) and the environment (25 per cent).

This is the first year that ‘Environmental Management’ has been an award category for In Bloom and relates to conservation management, green waste recycling and composting, and Fylde Council are delighted to be the first authority winners for this.

Whilst some may only notice when the flowers are in full bloom, staff and volunteers actually work all year round on the project, planting thousands of plants and maintaining them once they are in place.

The particularly hot summer this year has meant that significantly more care and watering than usual has been needed, so to achieve this high standard is a true reflection of the passion of the whole team.

The opinion of Fylde residents is also of great importance as they see the displays day in and day out. Many have commented on how fantastic all the displays look and how much they value the work everyone puts in.

Councillor Cheryl Little, Chair of the Tourism and Leisure Committee said “Congratulations to this year’s In Bloom winners whose dedication and commitment to keeping their communities clean and green is incredible. Some of the creative ways that the In Bloom groups have showed is phenomenal. All the community that has got involved in the growing and embraced planting have really shone out – they are an inspiration.

“In Bloom continues to provide the opportunity to celebrate the achievements of Fylde volunteers, local authority staff and businesses and to recognise the tireless efforts of communities across the Borough who work to clean up, green up and beautify Fylde’s villages, towns, parks and gardens.”

The awards are a wonderful testament to what can be achieved when Fylde works collaboratively. The last few years have seen an impressive partnership develop between volunteers, community groups and Fylde Council and with such fantastic results, it is hoped this partnership will continue for many years to come!

The full list of awards are below.

North West in Bloom Discretionary Awards:

Environmental Quality Award – Fylde Borough Council
Environmental Awards for Schools – Lytham Hall Park School in Partnership with Lytham Hall Park Nursery
Winner of the Trevor Leese Award for The Outstanding School - Lytham Hall Park School in Partnership with Lytham Hall Park Nursery
Grow Your Own Award - Lytham Hall Kitchen & Apiary

Best Railway Station – Friends of Lytham Station

RHS Parks Awards
Ashton Gardens, St Annes – Gold award
Lowther Gardens, Lytham – Gold Award

RHS Discretionary Awards
RHS Parks & Green Spaces Award – Lowther Gardens, Lytham

Outstanding Contribution
Beryl Smith, Elswick in Bloom
Trish Craig, Staining in Bloom

North West in Bloom Awards:

Best Caravan Park
Lama leach Park Estate, Freckleton – Gold medal

Best Small Accommodation
The Queens Hotel, Lytham – Gold medal

Best Residential Accommodation
Braxfield Court, St Annes – Gold award & Category winner

Best Small Tourist Attraction
Lytham Hall Kitchen & Apiary – Gold award & Category winner

Best Large Coastal Resort
St Annes on the Sea in Bloom – Gold award & Category winner

Best small Coastal Resort
Lytham In Bloom – Gold award & Category winner

Best Urban Community
Ansdell in Bloom – Gold award

Best Small Village
Little Eccleston with Larbreck in Bloom – Silver Gilt award & Category winner

Best Village
Elswick in Bloom – Gold award & Category winner

Best Large Village
Wrea Green in Bloom – Silver Gilt award
Staining in Bloom – Gold award

Best small Town
Freckleton in Bloom – Gold award
Bloomin’ Warton – Silver gilt award

Best Town
Kirkham in Bloom – Gold medal

Britain in Bloom 2018 Results:
Small Coastal – Lytham – Gold

It’s Your Neighbourhood Awards:

Blundell Road Allotments, St Annes
Friends of Ansdell & Fairhaven Station
Friends of St Annes Station
Fylde Sand Dunes Project, St Annes
Mythop Road Allotments, Lytham
Oxford Court Residents, Ansdell
Poplar Court, St Annes
Park View 4 U, Lytham
Remembrance Way, Kirkham
Shepherd Road Allotment, St Annes
Supporters of Ashton Gardens, St Annes

RHS Discretionary Awards:

RHS Wild About Gardens Award – Remembrance Way, Kirkham
Best Railway Station – Friends of Ansdell & Fairhaven Station
Best Large Neighbourhood – Park View 4 U, Lytham