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Fylde Borough Council has undergone significant changes over the last few years in response to local government modernisation, Best Value and Comprehensive Performance Assessment. The changes have been widespread including a complete restructure of the employee and political structure. This has presented additional challenges in a time of change.

The senior management team is distinct from many others because of it's flexibility. Managers are able and willing to move from service delivery management positions to project management positions and back again in response to identified priorities. The roles and responsibilities of the senior management team are continuously under review in response to an ever changing working environment in local government today.

Community engagement has been a cornerstone of the change programme at Fylde, ensuring that stakeholders are involved has helped to secure ownership of the change. Employee research and surveys are carried out as well as customer research and member consultation programmes. There has been a strong focus on capacity and the need to achieve 'more for less' in the face of Gershon efficiency requirements and ever increasing demands from the community. One of the key strategies in place to deliver this is closer partnership working with other service providers from every sector of the community.

The Council has been successful in securing external support to build capacity from best practice organisation's across the country, to learn from the best. Standing still is not an option at Fylde and there is always close scrutiny and evaluation of the change programme to ensure that we are learning from both the good practice and the bad.

Change in Fylde is now accepted as a constant, the 'day job' and as such we aim to recruit people with a positive attitude who will face the fantastic challenges faced by local government today with a view to seeking solutions and securing new opportunities. People who can continue the excellent progress made to date by performing to the highest standards, setting themselves challenging targets and fitting in with the team ethos.

Nobody at Fylde is underestimating the challenges that lie ahead to make the Council one of the best performing authorities in the country. Recent inspections have highlighted the achievements to date while spelling out the significant steps still to be taken.

The Borough of Fylde is a great place to live, work and play.