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It’s that time of year again when we ask all residents to take no more than 2 minutes to fill out the residents survey. Introduced in 2012, the aim of the survey is to enable residents to have their say about services, the Council and their local community. We want to know if you feel you are getting value for your money as a resident of Fylde, and if you feel we are delivering effective efficient services across the borough.

Whilst many councils have chosen not to continue with a corporate customer satisfaction survey, at Fylde it is a key element of our customer focused approach to service delivery. It is one of the mechanisms used to allow customers to have their say on the services they pay for and highlight where improvements can be targeted.

The intention is to change the questionnaire as little as possible each year to enable true comparison over time. A drop in satisfaction could trigger more detailed research to understand the reasons behind the fall. This may include a more detailed survey focused on the service area, workshops with staff, focus groups with customers or a review of the service. The outcomes are continually monitored to determine how well, or not, we are performing.

The survey is deliberately short and will take no more than 90 seconds to complete. Gathering live feedback using the same questionnaire makes it possible to view the latest results at any time by visiting the council website. To complete the survey please visit: