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 "I am committed to working with local resident and community groups to support making where they live a safer and better place. My Community Action
£50,000 is designed to provide small grants to assist groups in tackling local concerns and helping to deliver my priorities in their area.

The Community Action Fund will be open to all local groups and organisations with a constitution to apply and all applications will be considered within four weeks of them being received.

Below you will find further details about the Community Action Fund and a link to the Application Form."

- Clive Grunshaw, Police and Crime Commisioner for Lancashire

As well as helping to tackle local concerns, applications should
also support the Police and Crime Commissioners priorities as set out in the Police and Crime Plan.

Protect vulnerable people
- Domestic Abuse
- Hate Crimes

Champion the rights of victims
- improving help and support for victims
- giving victims an effective voice and ensuring that their views are heard

Targeted, local initiatives to tackle crime, ASB and re-offending
- ensuring that ASB is prevented and tackled
- local initiatives to reduce
crime and reduce re-offending
- supporting local business and rural communities in tackling crime that affects them


• Projects which allow the local community to tackle the problems in their
neighbourhoods themselves.

• Projects organised by,
and involving community/
neighbourhood groups.

• Projects which include as many sections of the community as possible.

• Projects that can demonstrate that they will make a difference to local communities.

• Projects that are innovative and creative – or take a new approach to tackling long term problems.

• Projects that take place in the Lancashire area which includes Blackburn with Darwen and Blackpool.


Before filling in the Grant Application Form it may be helpful to consider the following.

Taking into account the points that the Commissioner will be looking for, what kind of project do you have in mind?

• Indicate what the problem, issue or topic is that your project will address.

• How will your project make your local area, community or group better?
• Who is your project aimed at?

• Are there other resources or funds that you are using to support this project?

• How will you be able to show that your project has been successful?
• You will not be able to use the
Grant to fund
salaries of staff
from statutory
agencies, for
scholarships or
for individual


To download the application form go to the Police and Crime Commissioner’s website at

Completed Application Forms should be submitted by e-mail to:  

The maximum grant that can be applied for is £2,500, although the Commissioner will normally
be looking for applications for less than this to ensure that the Fund
is available to be used as widely as possible.

If you are successful and accept an offer of a grant you will be agreeing to the grant terms and conditions detailed on the Application Form.

So that the Commissioner can see how the Community Action Fund is being used we will require you to complete an expenditure and evaluation form at the end of the financial year in which
the grant is made or on the completion of the project.

The Commissioner’s Community Action Fund is administered by
Lancashire Partnership Against Crime (LANPAC) on behalf of the
Police and Crime Commissioner. They will review all applications to ensure that
they meet the Fund Criteria.
The Police and Crime Commissioner will then consider all applications within four
weeks of them being received. The Commissioner’s decision is final.

E: T: 01772 412733