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CCTV in Fylde

In September 2009 Fylde switched on its monitored CCTV camera system in St. Annes and Kirkham town centres. These cameras are monitored on behalf of Fylde by Wyre Council at their CCTV control room.

The purpose of CCTV in Fylde is to:-

  • Assist in reducing the fear of crime and anti-social behaviour.
  • Help to prevent crime and anti-social behaviour
  • Assist in the prosecution of offenders.

CCTV was first introduced into Fylde in 2002 in the form of rapid deployment cameras and Fylde currently have 21 of this type of camera, which can be deployed to one of 29 CCTV columns located in ‘hot-spot’ areas.

The use of CCTV in the Fylde area has achieved some excellent results, with a number of successful convictions resulting from evidence captured on the cameras.
Fylde Borough Council's CCTV Manager ensures that both systems are maintained in full working order and updated when necessary. The manager also liaises with other partnership agencies such as the Police and Wyre Council, enabling the CCTV equipment to be used to its full potential.

Fylde has two-dedicated CCTV vehicles based at Kirkham and St. Annes Police Stations. These vehicles are deployed by the police to areas that will most benefit and members of the public will be familiar with the sight of these vehicles at public events such as Club Days. The vans can also connect to the rapid deployment cameras to use them in real time as well as downloading evidence from them.

CCTV is an important part of the Community Safety for Fylde and the Partnership Team, based at the Town Hall, will continue to work to improve the system for the benefit of all across the Borough. Should anyone require any more information about the system contact Fylde Council on 01253 658658.

Can I come and view some images or request some footage?
Disclosure of data obtained by the CCTV System will only be permitted in accordance with the relevant legislation and the criteria contained within the CCTV Code of Practice. In every case a written application in an approved format, clearly showing the reason(s) for the request, is required. To ensure the request conforms to the requirements please download and use the Subject Access Form on the right and either bring it in to the Council, post it to the address on the form or scan it and send it by email (with the other documents referred to in it, other than the fee which we no longer charge) to

How long are images retained for?
The images from the rapid deployment cameras are kept for no longer than 7 days which is the maximum length of storage on their onboard hard drives. Images from both the Monitored Town Centre system and from the CCTV van onboard camera are kept for no longer than 31 days.

Fylde Fixed CCTV Mapped Locations

Fylde Council have fifteen fixed CCTV cameras at locations in St Annes, Lytham and Kirkham. The location of each of these cameras is located on the maps which can be accessed via the PDF links below. All the cameras are monitored from the CCTV Studio at Wyre Council Civic Centre, Breck Road, Poulton Le Fylde. In the first instance if there are any queries regarding these cameras, contact the CCTV Manager at Fylde Council, on 01253 658467.

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