Complaints (Food)

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The type of complaints we would deal with are those where the food was purchased within the Borough of Fylde and is contaminated such as to make it unsuitable or unfit for human consumption e.g. the presence of glass, metal or other foreign material, foods showing evidence of mould growth or contaminated with food poisoning bacteria.

If you have a problem with food bought outside the Borough of Fylde we will be happy to transfer this for you to the appropriate Authority.

Complaints related to food quality or food labelling/advertising will generally be dealt with by the Trading Standards Department of Lancashire County Council. Their telephone number is:

  • 08454 04 05 06  

The purpose of our investigation is to ascertain the cause of the complaint and to ensure that the necessary measures are taken to prevent a recurrence of the problem. This can include a number of measures up to and including prosecution of the vendor or manufacturer.

Fylde Borough Council plays no part in compensation claims as a result of food complaints. This is purely a civil matter and, should you wish to seek compensation, this should be done through a solicitor.

The Food Team can be contacted:

  • By calling in person at the Fylde Direct Centre
  • By telephone on 01253 658658
  • Or by e-mail to   

Please retain any packaging and sales tickets, as these may be important to the investigation. Please store the food in the same manner as at the point of sale.

Food Premises Complaints

We also investigate complaints concerning the condition of food premises. This can cover a number of areas including

  • Cleanliness of the premises
  • Evidence of pest infestation
  • Drainage from food premises
  • Accumulation of refuse
  • Provision/cleanliness of sanitary accommodation
  • Personal hygiene of staff
  • Poor food handling practices