Legal Obligations and Trade Waste Enforcement

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The Environmental Protection Act (1990) places a Duty of Care on the occupiers of all commercial and industrial premises to ensure adequate arrangements are made for the safe storage, collection and disposal of waste.

Businesses are legally required to enter into an agreement with the Local Authority or a private waste contractor to ensure they meet their obligations. Failure to do so may result in a Fixed Penalty Notice being served under the Environmental Protection Act (1990).

The Waste Prevention and Enforcement Team regularly visit commercial premises to ensure they have adequate arrangements in place and request evidence is provided that waste is being managed correctly. If a business is unable to produce evidence through documentation, such as a Waste Transfer Note, the Council can issue a £300 Fixed Penalty Notice.

Businesses that illegally deposit waste on the highways of Fylde, for example placing waste out in sacks alongside the household waste collection service, will be investigated and reminded of their legal obligations. A £60 Fixed Penalty Notice will be issued to persistent offenders.