Electronic Duty of Care Guide

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If you have registered your email you will receive your duty of care form electronically. The signing process is summarised below. The good news is the signing process takes less than 5 minutes and removes all paper from the process. You can sign the document on any device with an internet connection.

 1. You will receive an email from dse_eu1@docusign.net. If you haven’t received it please check your spam folder. Click the review document button.

Review Document image

2. A new web browser window will open and you will be able to view the contract. If this is the annual duty of care, for convenience last year’s SIC code will be shown in the top left. If you are a new customer, this won’t be shown.

3. Please read the form carefully and select the relevant information from the compulsory boxes. How is the waste contained?

Only selected yes for grey sacks if you are a grey sack customer (don’t have a bulk bin).

Only select yes for blue sacks if you use the councils blue sack commercial paper/cardboard recycling service.

4. Please describe the waste being transferred? You must select yes or no from each of the drop down boxes, and select yes from at least one of the waste streams described. The majority of our customers transfer mixed general waste.

5. How many bulk bins or grey/blue sacks do you present? Please select the relevant number of containers and the collection frequency from the drop down menu. Bulk bin customers, please select the number of bins you use rather than the number of sacks you place in the bins.

6. Section B – Current Holder of the Waste Please detail the company name and collection address. This is the address where the waste is collected from not the head office/invoicing address (if different).

7. Select the correct SIC code form the drop down menu (Section C). Remember if you were a customer last year, the SIC code will be displayed at the beginning and in the email sent asking you to sign. If you are a new customer you will have to select the relevant SIC code.

If you cannot find a relevant SIC code you must select other, and visit www.ons.gov.uk to find the appropriate code, which will have to be entered manually. A numeric code must be entered. Please be aware that simply a written description of the business, or leaving this section blank will not be accepted and a revised form will have to be completed.

8. Click the sign here button in yellow and red to electronically sign the document. Please make sure you enter your full name when signing. 

9. When you are happy to sign please click the yellow confirm signing button.

 Confirm Signing Button

10. Your completed document will be emailed to you for reference or you can create a free docusign folder to save your document in.