Discretionary Rate Relief

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Council has approved the following guidelines for the granting of discretionary rate relief.

a) The organisation is small in stature in that it occupies a hereditament with a rateable value of less than £13,000 in the National Non-Domestic Rating List effective from 1 April 2010.

(The premise is that larger organisations are generally well established and can, to a certain extent, exist without any external aid at all)


b) The organisation is not part of a charging or precepting authority


c) The organisation has been specifically set up for the benefit of the young, the aged, the disabled or for ethnic minorities.

Sports organisations who allow or promote junior or senior citizen membership would not necessarily fall under the jurisdiction of this rule. The organisation must have been created or is in being for the sole or main purpose of aiding any one of these sections of the community.


d) The property is for the general use of the local community without any membership and\or subscription requirements and has no specific use except for the general benefit of the community


e) The property is used for the housing of vehicles used only for offshore emergency purposes


f) The aims of the organisation are to educate volunteers in emergency training for the benefit of the local community.

Discretionary Relief of the remaining balance (taking into account 80% mandatory relief granted to all charitable bodies) would be granted to any non-profit making organisations that meet the above criteria.

It was noted that the above was intended only as a guide when considering applications for discretionary rate relief. All applications would be considered on their merits and it might be found that it was only right and proper to approve applications which did not conform exactly to the above.

g) That the Council continue with its current policy regarding granting discretionary rate relief, that each application be considered on its merits, and that favourable consideration be given to applications from qualifying organisations in instances when the non-granting of relief could seriously jeopardize the financial viability of the organisation.

h) That one factor to be taken into account in determining discretionary rate relief shall be the training or coaching provided by sports clubs for the youth of the Borough.

In addition, Organisations without charitable status and not being Limited Companies, and set up for recreational purposes:

  • Whose membership is open to all sections of the community.
  • Who do not restrict membership on the grounds of ability or the availability of their facilities,
  • Whose membership levels are not set at such a rate to preclude membership by all sections of the community,
  • Who provide outside sporting activities,
  • Who actively encourage participation by young people,
  • Who make their facilities available to people other than members eg. to schools or casual public sessions,
  • Whose main aim is sporting rather than social,
  • Whose members are mainly from Fylde Borough.

may be given discretionary relief of 100% based on the rateable value of the outside playing area and changing areas only.