Difficulties Paying

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Each instalment is due on or before the date specified on your business rates bill. If payments are not made as shown on the bill recovery action will be taken. The costs of any court action are payable by you.

If you are struggling to pay please contact Fylde Direct on 01253 658 658. The sooner you tell us the easier it will be to help.

Reminder notices

A reminder notice may be sent at any time after the due date for any instalment(s) which is overdue.

Final notice

A final notice may be issued if your account falls into arrears during the financial year, after we have already issued a reminder. At this stage you lose the right to pay by instalments and the remaining year's balance becomes due.

Court summons

Where the reminder notice is not paid in full , the account will be subject to formal recovery action, and a court summons for non payment will be issued. This will also happen if the balance on any final notice issued is not paid in full by the due date.

Liability Order

Where the summons is not paid in full before the court hearing, the Council will apply for a Liability Order where further costs will be incurred. A Liability Order gives the Council certain powers that include:

  • Instructing Enforcement Agents to seize goods to the value of the debt
  • Instigating insolvency proceedings
  • Making further application to the court for committal to prison
  • Special Pay Arrangement 

Once a Liability Order has been granted, contact Fylde Direct on (01253) 658 658, as a special pay arrangement may be agreed.

Whilst the arrangement is in place and you pay on time, no further recovery action will be taken. Once you default, we will then carry on with recovery action.

Enforcement Agent

If no contact is made, we will be left with no alternative other than to instruct the Enforcement Agents to collect the debt on behalf of Fylde Council.

All information regarding the Enforcement Agent Code of Practice for non payment of Business Rates can be found in the link on the right of this page.